Lost & Have Not Found….

Missing pieces in jigsaw puzzles are incredibly rare, but not impossible.  If you have completed your puzzle and you are missing a piece, please look in random and obscure places first.  Sometimes a piece that has been placed in a wrong spot can throw off the whole puzzle.  Often times an edge piece, does not initially look like an end piece.  Maybe your dog is like ours, she thinks puzzle pieces are treats…….     :  /

We understand that a missing piece after so much time taken to complete a puzzle is frustrating.   If this happens to you, and the piece does not turn up, PLEASE, without hesitation, email us with a picture of your puzzle, and we will send you a replacement puzzle (we do not have replacement pieces).  We thank you for your understanding and most importantly, we thank you for the opportunity to right a possible wrong.   Thank you so much! 

~ Matt & Lisa